18 Strains Probiotic (450mg x 60 capsules) - NHF

18 Strains Probiotic (450mg x 60 capsules) - NHF

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18 livebacteria that are good for general health

In 2001, WHO defined probiotics as: "Probiotics are livingmicroorganisms that, when ingested in sufficient quantities, produce one ormore demonstrated functional health benefits for the host.


🌱General Health Benefits & ClinicalApplication / Medical Studies

Relieve baby's abdominal cramps
Nocerino, Rita, et al. "The therapeutic efficacy ofBifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis BB12® in infant colic: A randomised, double blind, placebocontrolled trial." Alimentary Pharmacology &Therapeutics (2019).

Reduce the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis
Bin-Nun, Alona, et al. "Oral probiotics prevent necrotizingenterocolitis in very low birth weight neonates." The Journal ofpediatrics 147.2 (2005): 192-196.

Reduce the rate of occurrence for influenza-like illness
Lenoir-Wijnkoop, Irene, et al. "Probiotics reducehealthcare cost and societal impact of flu-like respiratory tract infections inthe USA: An economic modeling study." Frontiers in pharmacology 10 (2019):980.

Prevent and treat various intestinal diseases, such as diarrheaand enteritis
Brown, Amy C., and Ana Valiere. "Probiotics and medicalnutrition therapy." Nutrition in clinical care: an official publication ofTufts University 7.2 (2004): 56.

Prevention and treatment for antibiotic-related diarrhea
Hempel, Susanne, et al. "Probiotics for the prevention andtreatment of antibiotic-associated diarrhea: a systematic review andmeta-analysis." Jama 307.18 (2012): 1959-1969.

Prevention of travelers' diarrhea and acute diarrhea
Sazawal, Sunil, et al. "Efficacy of probiotics inprevention of acute diarrhoea: a meta-analysis of masked, randomised,placebo-controlled trials." The Lancet infectious diseases 6.6 (2006):374-382.

Effectively improve anxiety, depression, autism,obsessive-compulsive disorder, amnesia
Wang, Huiying, et al. "Effect of probiotics on centralnervous system functions in animals and humans: a systematic review." Journalof neurogastroenterology and motility 22.4 (2016): 589.

Lowering LDL and overall cholesterol level
Agerholm-Larsen, L., et al. "The effect of a probiotic milkproduct on plasma cholesterol: a meta-analysis of short-term intervention studies."European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 54.11 (2000): 856-860.

Long Term Use increases HDL
Kiessling, G., J. Schneider, and G. Jahreis. "Long-termconsumption of fermented dairy products over 6 months increases HDLcholesterol." European journal of clinical nutrition 56.9 (2002): 843-849.

Helps regulate blood pressure
Khalesi, Saman, et al. "Effect of probiotics on bloodpressure: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized, controlledtrials." Hypertension 64.4 (2014): 897-903.

Reduce the chance of having a baby with eczema condition
Rautava, Samuli, et al. "Maternal probiotic supplementationduring pregnancy and breast-feeding reduces the risk of eczema in theinfant." Journal of allergy and clinical immunology 130.6 (2012):1355-1360.

Prevention of upper bronchitis
Hao, Qiukui, Bi Rong Dong, and Taixiang Wu. "Probiotics forpreventing acute upper respiratory tract infections." Cochrane Database ofSystematic Reviews 2 (2015).

Prevention and treatment of urinary tract infection
Stapleton, Ann E., et al. "Randomized, placebo-controlledphase 2 trial of a Lactobacillus crispatus probiotic given intravaginally forprevention of recurrent urinary tract infection." Clinical infectiousdiseases 52.10 (2011): 1212-1217.

Improve abdominal pain, bloating and constipation
Spiller, Robin, et al. "Randomized double blindplacebo-controlled trial of Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3856 in irritablebowel syndrome: improvement in abdominal pain and bloating in those withpredominant constipation." United European gastroenterology journal 4.3(2016): 353-362.

Helps in weight management
Sanchez, Marina, et al. "Effect of Lactobacillus rhamnosusCGMCC1. 3724 supplementation on weight loss and maintenance in obese men andwomen." British Journal of Nutrition 111.8 (2014): 1507-1519.

Adjuvant treatment of various liver diseases
Fooladi, Abbas Ali Imani, et al. "Probiotic as a noveltreatment strategy against liver disease." Hepatitis monthly 13.2 (2013).

Prevent and cure various vaginal problems
Borges, Sandra, Joana Silva, and Paula Teixeira. "The roleof lactobacilli and probiotics in maintaining vaginal health." Archives ofgynecology and obstetrics 289.3 (2014): 479-489.


💡Did You Know

As far ashumans are concerned, the total amount of live bacteria in our body and on thesurface, is more than the number of human cells. The human body is composed ofapproximately 37 trillion human cells, and the number of human microorganismsis three times more than that, which is about 100 trillion.


Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Willlong-term consumption of probiotics cause "lifelong dependency” on it?

A: It won’tcause any form of “dependency”, because these probiotics themselves exist inour human body. It's just a matter of how much to consume, generally it can betaken for a long term basis.


Q: When is the best time to take probiotics?

A: It is besttaken when the body produces the least amount of stomach acid to reduce theeffect of stomach acid on the activity of probiotics. Therefore, it is besttaken on an empty stomach in the morning or at night. It can also be taken 30minutes after a meal.


18probiotic strains Archive

L. Acidophilus

  • Ability to secrete lactic acid,acetic acid
  • Enhance immunity
  • Maintain healthy intestinal flora
  • Inhibit vagina mold growth

L. Paracasei

  • Improve allergic atopic dermatitiscondition

L. Casei

  • Prevent gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Boost immunity
  • Normalize Intestinal Flora
  • Suppress the release of allergicsubstances

L. Fermentum

  • Prevention and treatment of mastitisduring lactation
  • Relieve breast pain during lactation
  • Raising mother and baby
  • and gastrointestinal health

L. Reuteri

  • Improve gastroenteritis
  • Improve allergic rhinitis
  • Helicobacter pylori
  • Prevention for Women’s vaginitis andurethritis problem

L. Bulgaricus

  • Regulates gastrointestinal health
  • Promotes better digestion/ absorption
  • Increases Immune function

L. Plantarum

  • Regulates blood lipid
  • Protects and repair the liver
  • Increase intestinal mucosalimmunoglobulin A content
  • Helps maintain a healthy and youthfulintestinal flora

L. Rhamnosus

  • Improves allergic condition
  • Treat diarrhea
  • Prevent tooth decay and periodontaldisease

L. Helveticus

  • Relieve high blood pressure
  • Maintain equilibrium of theintestinal flora
  • Promote calcium absorption
  • Improves quality of sleep

L. Brevis

  • Inhibits intestinal pathogenicbacteria
  • Maintain digestive function
  • Promote good appetite
  • Immunomodulatory

L. Salivarius

  • Regulates allergic body constitution
  • Reduces and normalizes IgE
  • Regulates immune hypoallergenic

B. Infantis

  • Slow down inflammatory damages causedby immune allergy

B. Lactis

  • Helicobacter pylori
  • Improves diarrhea/ constipationcondition
  • Lower cholesterol

B. Bifidum

  • Reduce the reproduction of harmfulbacteria in the intestine
  • Boost immunity
  • Lower cholesterol level
  • Regulates colon condition andimproves constipation problem

B. Longum

  • Effectively regulates Th2 cell immuneresponse
  • Reduces blood IgE content of patientswith allergic condition
  • Improve allergic symptoms caused bypollen
  • Improves diarrhea caused byantibiotics and food pathogens
  • Reduces the occurrence rate ofcolorectal cancer

B. Animalis

  • Synthetic vitamins B1, B2, B6 and K
  • Absorb and eliminate carcinogenpoison
  •  Effectively reduce the potentialoccurrence cancer
  • Reduce the source of endotoxin toreduce liver damage
  • Improves liver function. Stimulategastrointestinal motility
  • Promotes bowel movements
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Increase the activity and content ofSOD in blood

B. Breve

  • Maintain infants and young children’sintestinal health
  • Effectively reduce the occurrencerate of intestinal infections in infants and young children

S. Thermophilus

  • Improve the condition of intestinalmicroenvironment
  • Inhibits cholesterol synthaseactivity
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • has anti-tumour activity functions
  • Produces SOD, delays aging
  • Helps lactose digestion


Health Facts:

·        Probioticsare microorganisms that can improve a person’s health.

·        Bybalancing intestinal microflora, probiotics play an important role inregulating intestinal function and digestion.

·        TheWorld Health Organization (WHO) define these “good” bacteria as “livemicroorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a healthbenefit on the host.”

·        Thehuman body contains approximately 3.5 pounds (lb) of probiotic bacteria. This ismore than the weight of the brain.




Main Ingredients:

L.Acidophilus 20mg / L.Paracasei 20mg / L. Casei 28.6mg / L. Fermentum 15mg / L.Reuteri 40mg / L.Bulgaricus 40mg / L. Plantarum 30mg / L. Rhamnosus 10mg / L.Helveticus 20mg /L. Brevis 40mg / L. Salivarius 17mg / B. Infantis 20mg / B.Lactis 20mg / B.Bifidum 20mg / B. Longum 26.7mg / B. Animalis 30mg / B. Breve24.1mg / S.Thermophilis 28.6mg



1.      Asa health supplement.

2.      Helpsto improve a beneficial intestinal microflora.



·        Approvedby Drug Control Authority (DCA) of Malaysia.

·        PharmaceuticalGrade (Health Supplement)

·        Probioticsupplement with the largest strains in Malaysia.

·        Probioticsupplement with the highest CFU in Malaysia.

·        Themost comprehensive probiotic formula with all special benefits of probiotics.

·        Betterresults through Kefir cultivation.

·        Eachcapsule contains 18 strains of probiotics.

·        Eachcapsule contains 25.55 billion CFU probiotics.

·        Replacetraditional enteric-coated capsules with the latest "microencapsulation"technology.

·        Highersurvival, efficacy, and CFU concentrations.

·        Greatertolerance of gastric acid and choline.

·        Betterability to absorb and colonize.

·        Lactosefree, suitable for lactose intolerant patients.

·        Suitablefor vegetarian.

·        Nomaltodextrin, no aspartame, no magnesium stearate.

·        Nopreservatives, non-GMO, no chemical additives, no artificial flavoring, noartificial coloring, no contain gluten.

·        Complywith GMP, ISO and HACCP standards.



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