Janesce Founder

In 1968, Janesce founder Janice Smith began working with the principles of good nutrition for wellness and skin health.


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Janesce Organic Farm

Organically and Bio-dynamically certified, Claret Ash Farm is at the heart of Janesce.


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Janesce Ingredients

Nutrition for the skin is the cornerstone of the Janesce philosophy, and our selection of ingredients brings the full value of this through our Janesce products.


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"Slow" Beauty

At Janesce we have always believed that respecting time and the natural way nature reveals itself, will define the quality of plant essences and the benefit this brings to skin health.


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Nutrition for the skin

Working with nutrition from the inside and outside for optimum results.


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The Janesce Ritual

Experience the Janesce Glow. Healthy, luminous skin giving you the confidence to go bare-faced every day. Follow our self-care ritual to transform your skin.


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Janesce in Malaysia

Miss Kristen Jelk, Dr. Rebecca Tiew, NHF Team & Janesce Lovers in Klang Valley in a seminar. Janice Smith’s eldest daughter, Kristen Jelk, has been involved in Janesce on a full-time basis for the last 12 years. Kristen oversees the business operation that distributes her mother’s passion, philosophy, and products to women all around the world.

Left 5: Kristen Jelk (Janesce CEO), Left 6: Dr. Rebecca Tiew (NHF CEO) Left 2: Janice (Nutritional Beautician), Left 3: Rachel (Nutritional Beautician)


Results Speaks Louder

JANESCE Daily Range

We have over 50 Certified Nutritional Beauticians
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